The Star Spangled Banner from Madison Rising

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Some people say:
"The Star Spangled Banner is stupid and embarrassing."
- Bill Press, Current TV
Some people say:
"No one has the Star Spangled Banner on their iPod."
- Comedian Daniel Tosh

Let's show Press and Tosh - and everyone else - that we still believe in this country and our National Anthem.

We reached our initial goal of 1 million views in 2012. We reached our updated goal of 5 million views in 2013. Now we're upping the ante YET AGAIN – just in time for the 200 year anniversary of the writing of the National Anthem by Francis Scott Key during the battle of Fort McHenry.

Take the NEW Challenge: Help Madison Rising reach 10 million views by September 14, 2014 (the bicentennial) and let's celebrate what the Star Spangled Banner – and what being an American – is all about!

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Help Madison Rising keep the Banner flying and show EVERYONE that you are one of the millions of hard working people in this country that is still proud to be an American.

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Madison Rising America's most patriotic rock band – is on a mission to not only make great music, but also send a message that American culture is alive and well.

See What Others Are Saying About Madison Rising's Rendition of Our National Anthem:

Love your National Anthem. Makes me cry every time I hear it. - Sandi Brown Tunno

You guys need to do the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. You deserve it --- the awesome arrangement and musicianship and your love for freedom and liberty. - David Curtin

What a lovely...and very special gift I found in my mail box today...Thank you Guys..I find I'm much more blessed to know y'all. - Reese Ccup

My apt complex has officially started its morning with the Star Spangled Banner blasting out the window. Not one complaint ever so far. - Patricia Mcnaught Foster

My husband and I are leaders in a youth group called the Young Marines. We played your version of the Star Spangled Banner for the recruit graduation. Love your music thanks again. - Robin Hildebrandt

I love how your music is good for any generation. From my 67 year old mom to my friends 12 year daughter and everyone in between. Thats a rare thing. I think thats so cool! - Amber Pepka Olson

My grandaughters preschool christmas show started with the pledge of Alligance, Then the first act was dancers to Madison Rising - The Star Spangled Banner. I was so proud. - John Silvas

I post your version of our National Anthem EVERY day on my facebook! Thank you guys! - Robyn King

I never let a day go by that I don't listen to some of your wonderful music, and listen to your SSB at least once a day. I have both albums and enjoy them immensely. You guys ROCK, both musically and message wise. - Mary French Cameron

These guys have the coolest version/video of Star Spangled Banner I've ever heard. I get choked up every-time I hear that song. How refreshing to know there is a pro American rock band out there. Thanks Madison Rising wish you much success! - Mary Kovarik Patterson

Your music strikes such a chord with me..... Never have I been more captivated by a band and its music. Keep fighting the good fight and providing such a pro-American message!!! - Dave Chewning.

You guys blow me away. I love your passion.. I start every day of my life with your national anthem. Its my alarm clock, but I could sing your version of it all day. Thank you for what you have done and what you do! - Scott Mitchell

I am left beside myself seeing/hearing this video. You pulled off keeping the real feel, and powering it up. I am amazed and left with a renewed sense of being proud to be an American !!! God Bless - YankeeRhoad

These guys should be playing this at the 2014 Super Bowl! - Ward Frazier

Absolutely the most amazing rendition I have ever heard.... - Jay Weatherbee

OMG, it still gives me goose bumps and brings tears to my eyes. I am one of the lucky ones, who bought the DVD, I love watching it and showing it to friends. You guys did a beautiful job. I love the star spangled banner any way, and some old school people are hard to convince but the kids going to war now are young. I'm old school but have always been a rocker. People need to give it a chance. I absolutely love it!!!!! - Norma Hutson

Gotta love this band!!! They truly believe in AMERICA: FIRST, FOREVER & FOREMOST!!! - Terri Wise

I officially LOVE this band! - Lena Biagioli

Madison Rising, my new favorite band! This ROCKS!! - Eric Tygrr

This is the kind of rock and roll we need to be listening to. - Duwayne Bryant

Madison Rising has knocked one out of the park with this album. Appealing to a wide range of age groups, they are spreading the message of America's Greatness through music. This group proves that Patriots come in a wide variety of styles and is something that even the young will enjoy. Rock on, Madison Rising! I can't wait for more from this group. - Ponytail Patriot

Just watched a video today with Madison Rising. I had not heard of them before. They sang (played) the best version of the Star Spangled Banner since Whitney Houston. I absolutely loved it and sent it to at least 20 friends. I am finally impressed by someone in the Entertainment business that shows respect for the flag, and the young men and women who protect the rights of those who can only complain about living in this great country. – KLK

One of the best new bands coming up. Really enjoy their music. Best Star Spangled Banner. Glad I bought the album. - Joannie Gohr

Got my 5 yr old son your CD for Christmas. When he heard this he was in awe. Had to buy it. My little rocker/historian he loves american history.... - Sharmila Paul

Good way to start your morning - Bret Carpenter

Thank you Madison Rising. Your rendition of The Star Spangled Banner brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. - Cheryll College

Perfect way to start NFL sunday - Tony Forrest

It's the new American Rock Renaissance and will surely give birth to hundreds of new PATRIOTIC AMERICAN ROCKERS!!! "Madison Rising" are the new 2014 twenty-first Century "DOORS" The lead singer reminds me of a Contemporary JIM MORRISON reincarnated! If Jim were still alive he'd LOVE IT! - Robert Legum

This should be shared by every American on Facebook/Twitter on a daily basis. It is nice to here an upbeat version of our national anthem, that sounds good. - Paul Brune

Dear NFL -- will you please book these boys for the Super Bowl? Please? Could you do that? Please? I think they would be EPIC. Thanks. - Amy K. Marshall

I'm from Canada, right across the border in Niagara, I love this version of a beautiful song, We are all waiting for the USA to be great get back to how she became great in the first place..... -David Dalziel

Absolutely Marvelous. This is my new all time favorite. I listen to this at least once everyday. I love you guys. - Angel Baldwin

I am not an American but even I like this version; have a listen. - Noel from Australia

I've lived here 65 years and it makes ME feel like part of something!!!! Goose bumps even. Wonderful version!!! - Bobbi Martin

Oh my, this gave me chills! God bless America! - Erin Lee

This is used as "Wake Up Music" on my FB page. I post it each morning to get the day started right. - Gerald McCardle

I was going to move to Canada, but then I heard this! - DeathstrokeOctober

Awesome job man! I feel that if this doesn't give you goose bumps, you ain't AMERICAN! - Keith Spencer

There are times when I am online that I fear politics has torn this Country in two. Then there are times when I realize we can be united. I remember the feelings of pride and unity of the United States in the days and weeks after 9/11. When I saw those kids chanting USA in the Park after the Boston Marathon Bombing. This song, played so passionately, also brings those feeling back. I shall download it and put it on my playlist, and list often - 18122436

Breathtaking - David Lamb

This is the BEST I have EVER heard this song done [and I'm 56 years old]. This should totally be performed at the Super Bowl …. Make it happen! - Cynthia Mascato

When I heard this for the first time..I had damp eyes and immense pride and felt it needed to be shared.. I contacted Madison Rising and received permission to have it digitized for presentation on our Drive In Theatre Screen.. With season's end I can report it played before close to 40,000 patrons with many horn toots of appreciation, numerous Thank Yous and no complaints and it still gives me goose bumps every night I watch it on the Big Screen at the Midway Drive In Theatre in Minetto NY. - John Nagelschmidt

One word .... "EPIC" - Sturny3698

I would love to see you guys play at halftime at this years Superbowl..u make me feel proud to be an American again..Thank you.. - Craig Moo


Gave me chills!!! Awesome!! - Beverly Monk

It is time for "We the People" to take back our country!!! You guys ROCK!! Thank you! - Shalamarcat

If Frances Scott Key and John Stafford Smith had access to electric guitars, drums and microphones, and (most importantly) the 200+ years of history which have built this country since they wrote/put this song to music, THIS... is what they would have put together. - Lindsey Sakata

This is one of the best versions of this song that I have EVER seen! - Chandra614

The most amazing version of our Great American flag and Country I've ever heard. Got a lump in my throat with a tear to boot. I loved it. I got to send this to our "Patriot Riders group here in Lake Havasu city, az. Also to everyone I know. This version gives us a new feeling of strength and pride to no end. Thanks - Tom Cat Lyons

THIS is the new National Anthem. America and ROCK! This is outstanding!!! - LordWhorfinX2

Just awesome... Incredible that someone can make such a household song sound so different, so original, so "their-own", and still being the same emotion, the same sense of pride, the same sense of patriotism... What an incredible version of such a heartfelt melody. Very, very well done! - Chris Wilson

Gentlemen, I am a veteran of three combat tours and a lifelong drummer. This was the sweetest rendition of the Star Spangled Banner that I have ever heard. Well done... I am a Madison Rising fan. - Robert Rees

We first heard and saw this version of the Star Spangled Banner at the last Socks for Soldiers dinner in Humboldt County last night. It was the best I have ever seen. The video that accompanied it was awesome. The hall was filled with veterans of all ages and everyone went wild. Absolutely wonderful! - Sherry DeStefano

Every person in America should hear this version. It gave me goosebumps and restored faith in our country. - Sandra Williams

I love the entire video. I believe this is the way it should be sung. Great job guys. - TheSkinnydippingdeb

I have started a petition to have this version adopted. Don't know how that will turn out though. I have it on all of my mechanics, comp., Ipod, tablet etc. It's AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! - Michelle Durocher

I'm a Vietnam Era Veteran and I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face because of your passionate patriotism. Thank you so much for re-booting this music for a 21st century audience! I studied music history in college and I was a lead trumpet player in U.S. Navy Bands. Your subtle and beautiful alteration to the modality sends chills down my spine. - Michael Malloy


Most awesome version of our National Anthem. I've purchased a copy for my iPhone from iTunes and I listen to it every day! Thank you Madison Rising for being Patriots, 2nd Amendment supporters and Freedom lovers! - Izbronco

By far the BEST version of our nations anthem I have yet to hear. You guys are awesome. Keep it up. - Charles Null


Love this! Love you guys! I'm standing here singing with you!! Shared! - krazzalee

I am sixty four years old, and I love this version of our National Anthem, the combination of the song and pictures actually bring a tear to your eye! - tcl5549

This version is beyond amazing! Thank you Madison Rising! This brought tears to my eyes, sent chills down my spine and was a reminder of how proud I am to be American! We are the strongest, the bravest and the best! You guys rock and so does our beautiful country! USA! - Aero Love

Just by God brilliant. Thanks, fellas. Go Navy. - Max Andrew

All their music is awesome. The direct heart of those that serve this nation - Sandra Norton36

Gave me chills, and left me in tears... from NYC ... thank you for this... - Enrique Gonzalez

just amazing, such passion and heart. - Rebeka Diezel

BEST NATIONAL ANTHEM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This gave me chills. This is the only way I EVER want to hear the Nation Anthem played again! - B abe

As a Vietnam Veteran I find this the best rendition of the National Anthem I have ever FELT (it is a feeling). Definitely should be at the Super Bowl - Raymond Massey

This should be the standard for which all performances of the SSB are based. - Motorcycle Riding Clips

Boom. Just blew my mind. Sergeant536

I can't stop listening to this!! - idonailz61

Wow, love it!!! Tears streaming down my face... GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! - Jason Pfantz

Every American must listen to this! - Charles Macagnone